Monday, August 6, 2007

Kate - 19 months old

Look at that SWEET FACE!!

Another month has flown by....

WOw. When I was posting my last two pictures, I realized that it had been exactly a month since the last time I posted anything on our family blog. That thought encouraged a bunch of other thoughts to fill my head, especially the thought, "What exactly have I been doing for the past month?!?!?!?" Well, we did have to evacuate out of our house the beginning of July because of the flooding that was caused by never ending rainfall. Once we were allowed back in we cleaned and were in our house for three days before we had to go to the lake and help Tim's mother get settled in their new lake condo. Back to Wichita Falls to work for both of us but then we had to prepare for our 10-day trip to Ireland. Now we are back, we have been landscaping our front courtyard. And it's August. Before long there will be Texas A&M football games, busy weeks ahead at work, and my precious little girl will be turning two. My how time flies when you are having fun! I'll post more Ireland pics - or at least post the link to look at them shortly. Until then - I posted a few above.......
The top picture is of crazy Hair Stephanie & Tim at the Cliffs of Moher
The botom pic is of Tim and I (He HAD to wear his A&M bowling shirt!!!!) at Kylemore Abbey

Kate & Georgia have the same expression

There is one thing Kate & her cousin Georgia have in common - they both are bald babies! Well, Kate not so much anymore, but it has taken us 20 months to get the hair on her head that she has!!!!!

Bindel genes

Seated are Kate and her 1st and 2nd cousins - (from l-r) 2nd cousin Hunter Wayne Case, Kate, 1st cousin GEorgia Elizabeth & 2nd cousin Luke Edward Hamm. KAte looks like a giant compared to them!