Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Few Pics from Halloween (right before Thanksigiving!)

I am really far behind. I think I am pretty much going to be like that for the rest of my life - or at least until I am not working out of the house as much anymore. WE have something almost every single weekend in October, and now that November is almost over I have realized it was the same for this month as well. And next month too. Then two of my sister in laws and some friends are having babies the first three months in 2009. Hold on to your hats folks - Life moves fast.

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. —
Psalm 9:1

Here are pictures from Kate & Mary Clare's Fall Festival at School for Little People.

Aggie Game

Hannah, Kate & Patrick make the trek back to the tailgate from the game. They held hands like this almost the entire time. They are the sweetest cousins and Kate loves hanging out with them.
Auntie M & Mary Clare hanging out before the game.
Aunt Mary's (Auntie M to my girls) beloved Red Raiders beat A&M (big time) but lost (blowout) to OU this past weekend.

My camera caught Hannah closing her eyes, but this is still a precious picture. IT was really hot at the game, so by the time I got there I had to take off Kate's turtleneck. She was sweating! She loves the Aggie Band though so she didn't mind!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Happy Happy

This picture pretty much reflects Mary Clare's mood all the time. She is such a sweet & happy go lucky baby. Unless if you mess with her food - She doesn't like that too much!!
Other than that she is full of smiles & drool! And she LOVES giving mommy kissies!

It's a heart

Kate took some pictures of her own one day, and marveled at the shape the bracelet made on the floor. The bracelet fell off of her arm, and when she found it she exclaimed, "Look Mommy! It's a heart!" I couldn't touch it for the rest of the day because she wanted to show everyone that came over.

October 12th - Smith's Gardentown Pumpkin Patch

Can you believe that Kate had a meltdown about 60 seconds before this picture because I made her get off of her "Car" in the picture below?

The sweetest little picture of Mary Clare from that day. I wish we would have had more time there. WE got there 35 minutes before they closed, and Kate was SO EXCITED to see all of the pumpkins. These pictures were from the last 5 minutes, and were probably the best ones!