Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer is.....

slipping through our fingers!  I feel as though I was at Precious Pretty #1's school for field day on the last day of school back in May and blinked and it was July.  July 7th to be exact. Sheesh!

We have had a great month of summer so far, and it's hard to believe that PP#1 will be starting Kindergarten in 5 weeks.  I KNOW.  I may need to go see the dr again and ask him for some Xanax.  I'm already having minor anxiety attacks just typing about it.  For reals.

SO - We had soccer camp in WF the first week of June.  The following week we had about 20 kids from St. Mary's school come over for a swim day.  That was super fun and I hope we can do it again before school starts!  The pretties then got to spend the weekend in WF again with their Grammy & Grampy while I went to Fredricksburg for the wedding of one of my best friends from college, Stacygirl.  Here is the stunning bride and please note that although it is a beautiful picture of her, the picture in no way shape or form does this bride any justice.  She was BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING.

I was able to spend some much needed time with some of my mamas, too.  It always amazes me that even though we see each other once a year, we always pick up where we left off.  As if the 365 days in between our visits were shrunk down into one of those surprise tablets.  You know what I am talking about - you put a tablet in water and out comes a surprise sponge in some sort of shape or color.  I feel as though we just add a little water (or adult beverage) and our friendship just blossoms out to something bigger and better every time.  The same warmth and love I felt with their friendship fifteen years ago is still evident today, and it's just as strong.  I love my mamas!

*sigh*  I miss them already.

Week #3:  PP#1 went to VBS at Covenant Presbyterian while Precious Pretty #2 stayed home and sulked because she couldn't go.  However, she didn't sulk for long because our sweet friends Sarah, Luke & Elizabeth came over from Dub Falls to visit for a few days with us.  We also went to Ancient Ovens in Saint Jo, Texas, to celebrate my mother's 60th birthday.  That week was crazy but we loved every minute of it!

Week #4:  We had another soccer camp in the evenings before we headed out to San Antonio.
I am in no way getting paid for this advertisement here, but if you are looking for a great, quick little get away with the family, I highly recommend the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio.  It was FANTASTIC!  We were there for five days, and I can honestly say that I needed a vacation from that vacation.  We didn't even go to the Alamo, Sea World or anything like that because there were so many activities to do at the resort.  I can count on three fingers how many times we left the property the five days we were there.  The pretties have already asked when they get to go to San Antonio to stay in the hotel again.  :)

 PP#1 with her soccer coach Alvin.  Alvin plays soccer for the Baylor Bears and hopes to get into law school next year.  We loved Coach Alvin!!

With cousin HG at the resort in San Antonio.

We came home from SA, and literally rested for a day before we headed four hours west to Possum Kingdom Lake for the 4th of July.  I honestly can't imagine spending the 4th anywhere else.  I know we have a great lake literally at our back door (not our pool, but Lake Texoma), but there is just something about PK that just feels perfect for the 4th.

We are back now and have had a couple of rest days at home which have been NICE.  We have VBS at FUMC next week, and then both of the pretties are going to a Music & Art camp the following week, and PP#2 is so excited that she is busting at the seams.  She wants to go "camping" so bad!  We have another week off, before it's time for a sports camp for both pretties.  Then it's the last week of summer before my precious, precious pretty starts kindergarten.  Cue Tears.

I also can't believe that we have been in Sherman for almost a year now.  August 7th marks the one year anniversary, and I must say that we are doing so much better than we were 11 months ago.  I'm not going to lie - it was a little rocky at first, but my pretties are now happy, and I am still getting acclimated to everything.  I am starting to strongly like it though - not quite close to love yet only because of all of my beloved family & friends back home.  All in due time, I know.

While I have been here for the last 11 months, I finally had the opportunity to stay home with my pretties and be available to them as their  mother 100% of the time.   I have longed to be that  for them for so long.  However, after much reflection and prayer, I realized that even though I am at home with them, I was still missing something.  Something just wasn't right, and it was some time with some great girlfriends in April and June that made me realize that.  

My initial intention was to work as a substitute teacher in the Fall, but then that would mean that my precious pretty #2 would have to stay in the after care program at her Montessori school she will be attending in the Fall, and that didn't sit with me well.   When I got back from the amazing weekend in Fredricksburg, I started searching for virtual recruiting positions that would offer me a way to be available to my pretties 99% of the time, but still able to keep my mind active, and have something that I really enjoy doing.  I feel very fortunate to be able to share that I actually have my first contract recruiting job that starts next week.  I don't know how it is going to work with the girls being home, but I know I will be able to figure it out.  The beauty of having a contract job is that once I get a couple of contracts under my belt, I will be able to pick and choose what contracts I want to do.  It's a great part-time gig, and I couldn't be happier.

To my mamas in H-Town, A-Town, NRH & Dub Falls - thank you for your love - your support - your encouragement - your appetite - your laughs - your smarts - your wittiness - your hugs - our late night talks that lasted until the wee hours of the morning - your lack of judgment of me & just loving me just the way I am.  You ladies know me better than anyone, and I feel very fortunate to be able to call you my mamas, my friends - my sisters.  It would be my biggest honor if I can continue to give you all you have given me.  Our next visit couldn't come soon enough, but I know the days will go by super fast and before we know it we will be carrying on again.  Until next time..........