Monday, January 28, 2008

Lilly & Kate

Kate really wanted to hold Miss Lilly, but mommy just let her "hug" the baby.

Kate tells Lilly "Bye-Bye!"

Visiting the Boatner Family

While Chuck and Chukie were out looking at some
land, the Foley's stopped by to visit the new addition
to their family - Lillian Claire Boatner.

While Liz and I were busy holding the baby and visiting, Kate and Anna wanted to play in their Princess dresses.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kate & Aunt CoCo

Kate loves reading books - especially with her Aunt CoCo!

Kate loves Pink & her Uggs!

I still need to master trying to rotate pictures.

Uncle Marckie Sharkie

Uncle Marc helps Kate with her new Disney COmputer game she got from her friend at school. That is pretty much the only time she has played it!

Below is Uncle Marc with precious Georgia Beth! We didn't get any pictures with Aunt Carlye! Definitely will next time.

She has Hair!

Mommy is so happy that we can finally have semi-pig tails!

Christmas 2007

Kate enjoys Christmas dinner at the "Kids" table with her cousin Hannah.

KAte shows off her new Princess books she got from mommy's friend. I think Georgia and & Uncle Marc looking at a new book in the background as well!

Kate opens another gift from Santa Claus!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Peek - A - Boo!!

Sunday, December 29th~We went to this really cool mall (I forgot the name) in San Antonio and they have a play area for kids! Daddy kept an eye on Kate while she was having a good time while Mommy & Auntie M shopped!

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and sound holiday season. I am embarrassed to say that it has been almost three months since my last post. It's true that I have been busy at work, but more importantly I am in my third trimester! I should be bringing another baby into this world in the next 84 to 91 days. We haven't found out the sex yet, but I'll have another sonogram at 30 weeks and we may find out then. Tim is dying to know!!!

I tried not to make any self-righteous resolutions for this coming, because those don't seem to last (with me at least).

But I did start off 2008 with a good start. I woke up and told myself I was going to organize one thing a week until everything is done. I started with a big project - the PANTRY! Tim and I are going to try to eat healthier this year, and set a good example for our children with our food choices. I can't tell you how much junk food I threw away that I really didn't think was "junk" until I read the labels. Lots of stuff! Whatever was opened went in the trash and new things were put in bags to take to our church food pantry for the hungry. I organized, and put in more healthier substitutes. That made me feel really good!

My next project is going to be organizing Kate's room. I'll start with her first dresser, then the following week I'll do her other dresser and her closet. I want to get everything in order by the time our nursery is complete. We are scraping the popcorn glitter ceiling, tearing off the walpaper, painting, adding crown molding, and putting in new carpet. That should take a while, so hopefully I will be done with Kate's room by then!

Other things I hope to accomplish this year is to be the best wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, friend that I can be. I resolve to get more involved with our church.

I also resolve to keep this blog more updated. Did I mention that I got a new digital camera for Christmas? It will be easier now!