Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 month picture & the onesie says it all.....

That is exactly what she is.
My little precious angel from God.

September has flown by......

Here is a little time line of some of the things we did in September. I can't believe the middle of October is already here. At least I have already got some Christmas shopping done! The beginning at the month starts at the bottom on the post.

Weekend of September 20th~ We hung out with other Bindel's at cousin Carolyn Hamm's baby shower! It was a fancy time! Carolyn is expecting another miracle from God on November 21st - Kate's birthday! WE can not wait to meet her new baby boy!

Here is Mary Clare and Danielle Marie. Their mommy's are cousins (Anna Marie & I) and they were born on the same day! A lot of prayers were being said for these two precious babies, and we are so glad that they are here safe and sound. They bring so much joy to us and we are forever grateful to God for his gifts to us!

I have no idea what Kate and Grace Ann were doing, but they sure did enjoy the stage that was there in the rec room. They would run around the stage and then stop and jump with a "Ta-Da!"

Didn't I say it was a fabulous party? The girls got to wear their "Fancy Nancy" hats!

Weekend of September 13th - The Foley females went and stayed the night with the Boatner's in Keller. We love them so much and are so blessed to have them in our family. Kate and I were talking about how much we already missed them less than 15 minutes after we pulled out of their driveway to head back home. We'll come back soon! We promise! Thanks for a great weekend!

Here is Anna, Lilly (at the window), Kate and Chuckie eating a yummy breakfast!

Mary Clare wasn't (and still isn't) as mobile as Lilly so she admired Lilly from the
Mary Clare and Lilly are almost two months apart. It is such a blessing that our girls are going to grow up together just like Liz & I did. Liz is probably the closest thing I have to a sister, and I hope my girls cherish their cousins as much as I do!

Daddy took this picture of Kate!

I can't help myself. I purchase matching dresses for the girls ALL THE TIME. (I'm a sucker for Janie & Jack!) So - Mary Clare got to wear a special dress for her big sister's first day of Pre-K. As you can tell by the picture - Mary Clare was happy, and I am still unsure if Kate was bored or a little peeved that MC was dressed like her......AGAIN. When Kate saw this picture she told me that she was thinking. I wonder about what?
September 3: Kate on her first day of Pre 3-K at School for Little People. She has been there since she was 9 months old and it keeps getting better and better! The Princess backpack was her prize for mastering her potty training! She got to pick it out herself and is so proud of it!

Licking the batter is ever so important for delicious cupcakes!
September 2: Kate helped me make cupcakes for her first day of preschool!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Give me an "A" for Aggie!

While I was my women's renewal retreat at church this past weekend, Tim got brave and took both of the girls to College Station to watch the A&M battle it out against Army. They won! Finally!

Here Kate looks like she is in mid cheer in front of Kyle Field. She isn't going to be too happy in a few years when she finds out that the Aggies don't have actual girl cheer leaders! Speaking of cheerleaders, Tim took the girls to Target in College Station that morning and bought them matching cheer outfits. Isn't that cute!

Kate was so good while the pretty little co-ed painted her cheek. The picture above shows how thrilled Mary Clare was with the whole thing. She was so proud of her cheek that she threw a tantrum when Tim tried to wash it off that night at bath time. It finally came off Sunday night!!

BTW - Kate loves the Aggie band. Obsessed really. So, Tim put her on his shoulders and they went and watched the band and corp march into the stadium. Kate clapped her hands profusely and kept squealing with delight. She even got so excited when the band was marching across from her that she couldn't contain her excitement & she tee-teed all over her daddy. True Story!