Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Pics

Happy Kitty. Until she realized that she had to stay in the buggy until the parade was over.

Mad Kitty.

Kateri, Brett & Kate in the parade.

I call my mom buddy Kim here "Super Mom". She is so creative and so..well SUPER!
Paxson (on the left) is in class with Mary Clare, and Parker and Kate have been friends since they were teeny toddlers!

Supermodel/Beauty Queen Carolyn (my cousin) with her handsome boys Luke & Corbin.

This is my friend Jaclyn with her shirtless pirate Bryant. "Bear" is smitten with his little kitten Mary Clare. She's crazy about him too!

She would not sit still for the application of whiskers. Meow.

Kateri, Grayson, & Kate

I have been pretty getting everything together for Christmas Magic Auction next Friday, church/bible studies, Kate's dance, play dates, getting things together for Tim & Kate's birthdays and everything else we have going on. We have gone to a Sesame Street show, and we went to Christmas Magic this morning for the girls to make Christmas ornaments and see Santa. See Santa??!?!?!?!?! It's only November 7th (Tim's birthday btw) and Santa Claus is here!!!!!!! The holidays are here! YEAH!