Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last day of September

The Foley family went to one of our favorite places to shop together - Home Depot! The girls love the race car cart, and ooohing and ahhing over the different things Home Depot has on display. Tim had to go to get some stuff for work, and I went because I wanted to spruce up my courtyard with some fall colors....and mainly because I am starting Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover tomorrow since it is October 1st, and I know buying flowers is not in the all new budget! Kate helped me pick out some red and orange crysthanthe.....well just mums and I also got some yellow flowers that are not mums to put in my front pots. We potted them in the dark (it was only 7:20) and from what I could tell they looked great! I hope they look as good as I think they do in the morning when I see it in day light!
Speaking of the race car carts - I wish they had carts like at all stores!! It keeps the girls happy, and I can get in and out with what I need in likity split. That makes mama very happy! Our favorite grocery store United Market Street - or the blue store as Kate calls it - has car carts, however the car part that they ride in is on the ground and a thirty minute trip to the store turns into and hour and a half because the girls keep getting in and out. So - my vote is for the race car carts at every store!!! Happy fall and wish me good luck with my new and improved budget! If only I had bought some pumpkins tonight!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How Great Thou Art

I had the most fun last night. Some girlfriends and I went over How Great Thou Art - a little art studio on Brook Street - for a Ladies Night Art Class. The subject of the night was a pear, and Rachel Liles the owner gave us step by step instructions on what to do. There were about twenty women there in all, and it was so neat to see the different pears that were made. Kathleen left before I could get a pic of her pear, but hers looked great as well. Rachel is having a a class next Friday night so I higly encourage you to go if you have never been. I promise it is a wonderful experience! I am already signed up for the butterfly class in October!

Here is my pear masterpiece

Beth's Pear

Sarah's pear

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rainy weekends don't slow us down!

It rained a lot last weekend. A lot! You could pretty much sum up the weekend as gloomy, chilly and wet. But that didn't slow down the Foley family! We were on our toes all weekend!

We started off our weekend of fun going to the Rider football game with Carlye and the girls. The girls watched the game for a little bit (more like a few minutes) and the rest of the night they spent playing, dancing, running up and down the sidewalk, and catching/chasing grasshoppers.

Here is a picture of Georgia and Kate waiting for the guys to run out on the field after halftime.
Here is one of Mary Clare's still moments where she actually stopped to watch the game.

This is where Kate caught a grasshopper and was showing it off. He was trying to get away which made Kate and Georgia hysterically laugh.

K & G's grasshopper finally flew away (bless his heart) but Kate stopped the police officer to see where he-as in the grasshopper-went....Pretty sure she asked the cop to go find him.

Then Saturday morning we headed out to birthday party #1 for Kate's sweet friend Presley at Jump for Joy. Kate and her friends crawl up the ladder to go down the slide!

Parker waits at the top for his buddy Kate. Kate and Parker have grown up together at School For Little People. His family blog is on my list.

I had to leave Kate at the party by herself while Mary Clare and I ran to a baby shower down the road. Mary Clare got a little upset because she did not want to leave because she was having so much fun on the slide and pink car!

We ended Saturday with yet another baby shower and birthday party for Kate's other good friend Jaidyn at Gymnastics Sport Center. Sunday evening we went to pick up the Bindel girls and headed out to the Riddle Farm Autism Rocks Fall Festival. The proceeds from the Fall Festival supports the Applied Behaviorial Analysis program for autistic children at Christ Academy. It was pretty muddy from all the rain, but we still had a blast. Ribs Inc cooked some awesome ribs for the adults, and the kids got to play on Tumblebus.
Students from Midwestern State's College of Education came out and had a tent of activites for the kids.

Kate got her fingernails painted, and she had them out to dry while she got a section of her hair braided and beaded.

Those of you who know Mary Clare know that she does not like big dogs. Little ones like beagles are ok, but anything bigger than that terrifies her. That is why I posted this picture is because #1 she has ahuge smile on her face and #2....

She actually pets the dog! That is a first for her to do without big gator tears coming down her cheeks! Yeah Mary Clare!

So needless to say we were ALL ready to go to bed this past Sunday night. We are looking forward to this weekend as well because the girls and I are planning spending some time with the Boatner family! Good times to be had!
I forgot to mention that I have set a goal for myself to lose 10 pounds a month. I have already lost 6 pounds so far, and we are half way through the month! Woo-Hoo!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New sites that I LOVE!!

Here are two sites that I just added to my blog list because I LOVE them!

Tips on organizing, decorating, entertaining, you name it! Plus you can shop as well!

This super creative mommy of Tommy and Kate has some precious ideas for invitations, DIY crafty stuff, birthday parties, and decorating as well! Don't be surprised if you see those lollipop sticks popping up at the Foley's house soon for a birthday we have coming up! AND I want to use her DIY lollipop invites for Mary Clare's birthday next year. I can't believe I am already excited about that!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seriously.......Where has the time gone?

I pulled up my blog this morning and was shocked to see that it has been over a month since my last post. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Where has all of the time gone? It made me sit back and reflect on how fast the time is passing, and how much my precious pretties have grown right before my eyes. The girls and I did a lot of traveling together this summer - staying busy with Auntie M's (Tim's sister Mary) wedding festivities. Here is a picture of some snuggle time we had together in San Antonio in July. We have never all slept in a bed together - until now, and I miss it!

here is a pic of my precious niece Caroline. The girls and I went and stayed with the Bindel's in Austin for a couple of days in July this summer.....and I am just now posting some of them. Caroline and Kate were able to attend VBS this summer together at Caroline's church for a couple of days. This is a picture of Caroline on her first day of VBS.

And here is a pic of Kate on her first day. I guess Kate remembered how mommy gets dressed up to go to church, so she wanted to dress up for Caroline's church. They were both excited that they wore dresses with strawberries on it!

So, after three trips to San Antonio (3 for me,2 for the girls), and trip to Austin, and a trip to the Bahamas for Auntie M's wedding, we are now ready for Fall! Both girls are at School for Little People, and Mary Clare has actually come home with two Parent/Child homework assignments (she is 18 months old!) Kate will be in dance again, and I am contemplating on whether or not she will play soccer in the Spring. I will be busy this fall co-chairing the JLWF Christmas Magic Auction in November with my super sweet friend Lauren, and keeping up with the girls, and keeping up with Tim and his Texas A&M Football weekends. We'll have more weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties this fall as well that will keep us on our toes, but we are so blessed to be involved in all of these celebrations of life. God's generous giving deserves thankful living. What a generous, thoughtful God we serve! Let's praise Him for the countless blessings that overflow in our lives.

Give me a spirit of thankfulness, Lord,
For numberless blessings given;
Blessings that daily come to me
Like dewdrops falling from heaven. —Dawe
More pics to come of our trip to the Bahamas, Mary's wedding reception in San Antonio, and Kate & MC's first "official" day at SLP!