Friday, March 30, 2012


I had a moment yesterday.  It wasn't a, "Oh I am so happy I could just cry" kind of moment.  Don't get me wrong - I am pretty happy - but it was more of a, "Oh Crimony - this baby is going to be here in 12 weeks" kind of moment.  And let's be honest, I really didn't say crimony.  Just trying to keep this blog G-rated.  I literally froze as the thought played on repeat in my mind.  My dr was trying to talk to me during the sonogram, and I was rendered speechless.  We all know that I always have something to say, so that must have been one heck of a BIG moment.

So, while I was doing my three hour glucose testing this morning, I made a list of honey do's that need to be done in the next 8 weeks give or take.   We all know that I am not going to get anything done once school is out for the summer because I'll be the beached whale hanging out in the shallow end of the pool while the girls swim.  I hope SeaWorld doesn't come looking for a whale, because I may be a target.  ;)

I'll also be the honey doing the honey do's on this list as well seeing how this has been a busy time in the concrete world.  I'm going to be sporting a lot of different hats, but that's not really something that is foreign to me.  I may just have the pace of a turtle and a little waddle going on while trying to complete everything.

I am pretty fired up with this "nesting" thing kicking in, so I am going to take full advantage of it.  I wish it lasted more than just throughout my pregnancy.  I found great organizing blog with lots of cools tips on Facebook of all places!  Who would have thought?!?!?  I have also compiled an arsenal of recipes to do weekly meal planning courtesy of my new addiction, Pinterest, and my Food Network magazine, my other obsession.

In other news - MC turned 4 on Wednesday.  I don't know if any of you saw her picture on Facebook, but she was one fired up precious pretty.  She's devastated it's not her birthday anymore, but she hasn't lost her zest for life.  I can't imagine my life without her.  I mean, I don't know a lot of other kids that would sing the Circle of Life on the top of their lungs to make sure that "Simba", the lone male lion at the Smithsonian Zoo, knew she was there.  She has more facial expressions than Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell combined.  She wants to wear "up-sleeves" and shorts all the time.  She will correct you if you tell her she looks pretty or cute, and tell you that she looks awesome.  I was a hot mess on her birthday, and thankfully I had an amazing friend with me for the majority of the day to keep me sane.  I sure do love that precious pretty, and I am just in awe with the fact that God thought I could handle another one.

Big weekend coming up so I better get busy.  WE have soccer and softball practice tonight, soccer game and a birthday party tomorrow, PP#2's birthday party and another birthday party on Sunday.  I need to  get everything done for MC's party by Sunday.  I'll just put on another hat and figure it out as I go.  It's how I roll.

Carry on.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Back in the saddle

Hi.  I know it's been a while.  Five months give or take.  But what an amazing five months it has been!  And I really don't feel so bad about seeing how some of the other mommy bloggers I follow haven't posted since Christmas, or Summer 2011 - or even one was back in 2010.  I instantly felt better. so thank you.

SO what has been going on since then?  Well, Texas A&M SECeded to the SEC, so that was basically all my dear husband talked about in the Fall.  And if our lives weren't entwined with soccer & gymnastics, then we were in College Station rooting on my TBG's (the big guy) beloved Aggies.

Then this precious thing decided to let me know she was here.  Yep - She's a she.  We are expecting to welcome our third Precious Pretty Foley Girl to our family come the end of June.  It's very overwhelming that God blessed us with another one.  I don't think I could come up with the adequate words to describe my gratefulness for this baby.  Blessed beyond measure for sure.
I am actually 25 weeks today, and just 14 more weeks to go unless she decides to make her grand entrance before then.  Why delivery at 39 weeks?  Well, Tim and I have a knack for making really big babies - as in 11 pound babies - so the doctor said he would deliver a week early.  She is actually due on July 2, so I am expecting her to be quite the firecracker.  She doesn't have a name yet, so we are referring to her as Bess (for now).

Precious Pretty #1 has really be excelling in everything she has been doing this year.  She started Kindergarten, is reading like a champ, and told me she can't wait to do the summer reading program at the library to start in a couple of months.  Talk about making a mommy proud, but a little overwhelmed as well.  She's growing up too fast, and that makes me cry all the time.  I mean - what happened to my cajones?  I cried when she lost her first top tooth last week.  Yesterday she blew TBG and I away when she started riding her bike by herself after Tim took off her training wheels.  He ran with her one time, and she basically told him, "I got this."  Girl, she did and I cried.  Again.  Tim is hoping I am just emotional because of the double does of estrogen I have going through my body right now, but part of me knows that I will carrying around a box of Puffs with lotion with me where ever I go for the next couple of decades.

Here is she celebrating her two goals at soccer a couple of weeks ago.  Sherman FINALLY got not one, but TWO yogurt shops and I am thrilled.  The pretties are as well.

Here is her self-portrait she did a few weeks ago.  She is still obsessed with animals, and I kind of hope she doesn't ever outgrow her desire to be a vet.

Precious Pretty #2 keeps me on my toes from sun up to sun down.  If "Bess" is anything like Precious Pretty #2 then girl do I have my work cut out for me.  Maybe all the running around keeping up with those two will melt away all of my extra lbs and I will be able to flaunt a bikini like this model mom:

FAAAAT chance, I know.  But one can dream, right?

PP#2 is still loving gymnastics, and wants whatever big sister wants/does/eats/dreams/yougetthepicture.  I mean everything.  She kind of bypassed through the whole princess period in her young life because big sister only likes Rapunzel, so that is MC's current obsession.  Cinde-who?  She is deathly afraid of anything that flies - with the exception of butterflies.

She felt like a really big girl when I took her to get her 2nd hair cut ever. She loved it and asked if she could go back again the next day.
Yes, she has more hair than big sister did at this age.  She didn't want to go outside and play because "she didn't want the wind to blow away her hair cut."  She already knows at the ripe age of 3 3/4 years old that you don't do anything that will potentially mess up your hair the hours (or sometimes days in my case if I have gotten an epic blowout) after you leave the salon.

I don't know how she is going to react to Bess.  When you ask her if she is excited to be a big sister, her reply is, "Baby isn't here yet."  And she wants nothing to do with Tim, which has been a strange turn of events.  She usually wants to do EVERYTHING with him, and now she doesn't want to even hold his hand.  TBG is heart broken over it, but I keep telling him she'll come around.  She knows what's coming, so she is stickin' to her mama like white on rice for the time being.

Speaking of PP#2, I need to go pick her up.  PP#1 stayed home sick from school today WITH THE FLU, so I wanted to keep MC in school all day to keep her way from the virus as long as I could.

Looking forward to blogging again next week.  Didn't realize how much I missed it.  
Until then, carry on.
sbf xo