Friday, February 27, 2009

Under the weather & blanket Kate

Kate has had it rough the past couple of weeks. She hardly EVER gets sick. Until last week. Last Wednesday night she woke us up because she got sick in her room. Three hours in the sick time waiting room later I found out that she had the flu. She put on her rally cap and bounced back Thursday afternoon, and was well enough to go back to school on Friday. You couldn't even tell she had been sick!

Friday afternoon after playing at school all day she went up to her teacher and said she couldn't play anymore because she did not feel good. She was sick Saturday, felt a little better on Sunday, but didn't show any signs of improvement on Monday. SO BACK to the sick time waiting room and 3 hours later I find out she has pneumonia in her left lung. YUCK! So this is what she pretty much did for the rest of the day....lay around and watch tv. She was upset that Mary Clare was still at school so she asked me to cover her up with her "born" blanket. What's the born blanket you ask?? Kate's reply to me was, "It's the blanket that Mary Clare got when she was born." (the blankets in the nursery.) Sometimes kids pick up on more than we realize.
Our prayers are answered and Kate is doing better!

Funny Face

Mary Clare's personality is starting to really show! She was chowing down some Mac-n-cheese and green beans the other night when she started making faces. She kept going once I started laughing! She only does it for a split second (faster than the flash on my camera!), but she squints her face up. Every now and then she close her eyes tight soon. I can't explain it very well, and the pictures really don't portray how cute the face she makes is!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

For My Georgia Peach

My precious niece Georgia is infatuated with Kate. I LOVE it and I think it is the sweetest thing ever. They have not been able to hang out very often because of their current home in Grand Prairie, but when they do it is almost impossible to separate the two. SOOO when Aunt Carlye and Georgia called looking for Kate and wondering why I hadn't posted any pictures recently I had to get on the ball!!!

The top picture is of Mary Clare just smiling. It has to be a really bad day for MC not to be smiling. That is just what she does, and she does it well. She started crawling two weeks ago and we are so excited! It did just take up the craziness in our house to another level.

Kate and Mommy were having play time while I was waiting for the dinner to finish cooking. Kate LOVES playdough! We're going to buy (or I guess I need to learn how to make) a whole lot when Georgia moves here!

MC loves wearing sunglasses!

If you noticed my previous blog, I commented on the fancy shoes that Kate loves to wear. Here she is baking cookies in her heels! Maybe she is going to be the next Bree Van de Kamp?

I was blessed to be able to grow up with my cousins here in Wichita Falls, and to this day I have the closest relationship with a lot of them. I am sad that 90% of my nieces and nephews live in other towns because the girls always have so much fun playing with them! I am looking forward to our trip to Austin in May. Kate is going to be so excited to see Miss Caroline and her new cousin Mary Elizabeth. I can't wait to get a picture of the two "Mary" girls together!

I am so glad that God has guided Marc and Carlye here for Marc to starting coaching football. Carlye said it perfectly when she ended a little note she wrote us with this: "The best is yet to come." That's right my dear SIL. It is.

Project Runway?

Kate is obsessed with dressing herself. She likes to pick out her own outfits, and battles me when she wants to wear her sweatshirt and "basketball" shorts when it is 20 degrees outside. Another instance of her fashion is she wore a dress to school with her monkey pajama pants. Her teacher gave me a puzzled look and I just replied, "I had to choose my battles this morning!"

She came strutting through the house (Yes - my three year old has a strut) the other night and Tim shot this picture of her. Keep in mind she was wearing my three inch gold wedges with her Valentine's shirt, leopard bag, and red cowboy hat. She doesn't understand why she can't wearing her pretty princess heels to school. I think the fun has only begone with this future fashion designer!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daddy's Night

Last night was Daddy's night at School for Little People. Kate had been looking forward to last night since Sunday! She even picked out the dress she wanted to wear on Monday, and reminded me frequently that she was wearing that to her special night with Daddy. The class sang a song for the dad's, painted a hat together, and gave their dad's gifts. One of the gifts was that each child was supposed to draw a picture of their daddy, and then the teacher wrote down the answers to prompted questions. Some of the comments Kate had on her page was, "Daddy works at City Concrete with Bud" (which is true), "Daddy's favorite color is purple" (Questionable - mabe she was thinking Aggie maroon is purple?), "Daddy likes to eat at McDonalds" (ummm....TRUE). Here are some pictures of them before they left. Please disregard the "Yikes" look on Kate's face. She was sssssoooo excited!

Mary Clare - 10 months

Mary Clare is sitting pretty in her Valentine's Day outfit for her 10 month picture. I know it is short sleeves, but it was too cute to pass up! I wish her therapy was going a little better. The ladies who are working with her are absolutely wonderful but she dislikes it immensely, and cries after about 10 minutes. She still is not crawling, or pulling up on anything, but she is playing with/holding two objects now at the same time so that is good! I am trying to give her a sippy cup and she refuses it! She makes the funniest faces, but she also has the most precious smile - like the ones in the picture! I thank God for this precious little girl daily. I can't imagine my life with out her.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. PHILIPPIANS 4:13