Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oops...I've did it again

So it has been a month since the last time I posted anything. I am happy to say that I have found my camera, and I have taken pictures of my daughter Ann Katherine. But it saddens me to say that the pictures I did have of her on my camera were downloaded to Tim's work computer......which crashed over a week ago. BUMMER!!!!! I hope we are able to retrieve the pictures soon!!

What's new with the Foley's? Well, my doctor bumped up my due date to April 8. I was so relieved to see the baby floating around on the monitor and to hear the heart beat. I have been so busy lately, that sometimes I forget that I am even preggers! TRue, I am very tired, but I just contribute working long hours and chasing a toddler around the house to that. I am happy to say that I have not had to start wearing maternity clothes yet, but my stomach is growing! It is not as noticeable though because I have looked three months pregnant for almost the past two years, but my baby belly is starting to push through all that! I am think I have talked Tim into not finding out the sex of the baby this time. He keeps telling me that he will be happy with whatever the Lord gives us. So - If he feels that way, why is he in such a darn hurry to find out? We do have our names picked out.....for the time being.

Tim is staying pretty busy at work--I can't remember the last time he was slow at work! He is also travelling to College Station for every TAMU home game, and he a contractor when he has free time. We are doing some renovating to our house, and my mother is anxious to start renovating her house, so Tim is going to do the best he can overseeing both projects. I'll try to post pictures soon!

Wow - Where do I begin with Kate? She is the sweetest, most precious thing I have ever laid eyes on. Of course, she does have her diva moments (we all know she does NOT get that from her mother :) ), but she amazes us everyday! Her vocabulary is amazing for a child who is not even two! She tried to repeat EVERYTHING you say, and she does a pretty good job at it too. She loves singing her ABC's, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Bumble Bee song, Row your Boat, and the list can go on and on! I can see her asking for a karoke machine by the time she is 3! She loves counting to ten and identifying colors, especially the color PINK! She loves to read, loves to eat, and she is already picking out what she wants to wear on daily basis. She still does not have a lot of hair on the side of her head, but she is growing a pretty healthy mullet. We are potty training, but we are taking it pretty slow right now. She knows to ask to go to the potty, but sometimes she asks while she is "going" in her diaper. I need to do some research on potty training so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please forgive me if it takes me a while to post again. I am averaging about 50+ hours a week at work, plus Tim and I have had commitments every weekend so far since the the weekend of September 21st, and I don't think we are going to have a free weekend until the weekend after Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by to read this and I hope to post some pictures soon.

Peace and love,

"We don't remember days. We remember moments." Cesare Pavese