Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kate has a lot of favorite people. Here are two of them.

Here is Kate with Aunt Linda (actually her great aunt). Linda stopped by with Gigi and Kate started performing for them. She can be such a ham. We are so blessed to have so much family living here! We can't wait for Uncle Coach, Aunt Carlye & Georgia & Georgia's new sibling to move back to Wichita Falls. The more the merrier!

Kate is posing with for Uncle David. She loves wearing hats. Especially trucker hats.

Fun times with GiGi

I am so glad that Kate & Mary Clare's Great Grandmother Bindel lives in Wichita Falls. These are pictures that I will treasure forever.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just a swingin'

The weather was so BEAUTIFUL yesterday that the girls and I spent the majority of the afternoon outside. Mary Clare had the best time swinging! She also LOVED watching her sister swing next to her.

Mary Clare started her therapy today and Tim seems to think that she has already started to improve her motor skills. She is 9 1/2 months old and after some help from daddy she held her bottle all by herself. She has never done that before! Her therapists worked with her sitting on her knees. That little trick is supposed to help her mobility. She just started rolling around a couple of weeks ago and only rolls in one direction. We'll see how things go. Just taking it one day at a time!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pretty Princesses at Lilly's 1st Birthday party!

We love hanging out with the Boatners. It was a great way to spend the first weekend of the New Year. After we hosted a number of Foley relatives (20+) at our house for breakfast Sunday, January 4th, (all in town for the Litteken 50th Anniversary celebration), we drove down to Keller for Lilly Boatner's Winter "One"derland birthday. A fun time was had by all! It was the perfect ending to a fun filled, family filled, full of love weekend.

I caught this gorgeous picture of Mary Clare on my iPhone while she was playing!

Kate and Lilly's big sis Anna decided to dress up while the birthday party was going on!

Kate taking a picture of me!

Audrey (the Boatner's cousin), Anna and Kate sitting on the couch with Mum Mum Boatner while she sang and read the 12 Days of Christmas!

January 1, 2009

Since I can not find the charger to my camera, my iPhone has been put in overdrive! Kate wanted to show Mary Clare some big sister love on New Years Day. Mary Clare obviously did not think that was the best way to start off the New Year!
The Foleys are wishing you and yours a 2009 filled with prosperity & abundant blessings!