Sunday, June 29, 2008

Swimming at Harrell Park Pool

Tim suprised me earlier this week and said that he had signed Kate up for Mommy & me swim lessons at Harrell Park pool. We missed one day - but Kate learned a lot the other four days we were there. She also realized that her feet can touch the bottom of the pool (yes she is two & a half and already over three feet tall). Cousins Carolyn and Luke tried to make it - but Luke wanted to swim with out his mommy helping him. Unfortunately Luke let his mom know that he wasn't happy with her and wanted to leave. Maybe next time!

She just came up from putting her head under the water for the first time. She was screaming for joy (I think/hope!)
Are we looking at the next Janet Evans? Quite possibly.

Mary Clare always misses out on the fun stuff. She is such a good baby! She hardly ever cries and she sleeps all the time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kate & Emma's Play Day

This past Saturday, Kate's friend Emma came over for some play time. These two girls always have so much fun when they are together! We read a lot of books that morning - especially Fancy Nancy! The girls then had fun making a batch of brownies.

I think the highlight of their day was taking turns licking the bowl!
These two smart little cookies put together this puzzle!
They had some sticker fun!

Bronte, Texas

During our travels back from San Angelo, Texas a couple of weeks ago, we had to make a pit stop so that I could feed Mary Clare. We ended up in Bronte, Texas and Tim found their elementary school. Needless to say Kate had a blast.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Foley Wedding

This past weekend we - along with a lot of other Foleys - traveled to San Angelo, Texas for the wedding of Tim's youngest boy cousin Mark Foley and his fiance Margaret Jameson. The wedding was actually in Mertzon, Texas, but San Angelo was the closest town with hotels. Below is a picture of the bride and groom by her cake. Kate sang Happy Birthday and kept asking me when she could eat some of the birthday cake!

Kate dancing with her cousins Caitlin (11 years) and Hannah ( 6 years)

Big Cousin Hannah held Mary Clare during some of the reception at Hoolahan's in Mertzon, Texas.

The rehearsal dinner was at Miss Hattie's which is in downtown San Angelo, Texas. There was a sheep statue outside the entrance that Kate wanted to ride on. I love it how she finds so much joy in little, simple things!

Best Friends

Something tells me that these two girls are going to be the best of friends.

Mary Clare is Kickin'!

Mary Clare is fascinated with lights and noise. She could literally kick her legs for a couple of hours if we would let her. She loves this toy! I am so glad I found it at a resale shop for $5 when Kate was Mary Clare's age. It has turned out to be one of my best infant toy purchases yet!

Happy Belated Father's Day!

Tim, Ann Katherine "Kate" (2 1/2 years) and Mary Clare (11 weeks)

Kate's first sandwich

A week ago, KAte noticed that I was making myself a sandwich for dinner. Kate finds complete joy in doing things just like mommy or daddy so she asked if she could make one too. She actually did a great job and followed the directions really well!

I didn't think she would like the spicy mustard - but she wanted it just like mine!

Bon Appetit!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kate the Photographer

Kate also likes to take pictures! Especially of her little sister that she is so proud of! We'll see how Kate feels about her when Mary Clare starts running around chasing her and playing wither her toys here in a year or so!

Things Mary Clare likes to do.....

She likes to be held by her big sister!
She likes to sit on Uncle John & Aunt Amanda's couch in Austin~

She likes to lay on Auntie M's couch in San Antonio!

Things Kate likes to do...

Likes to dance - no matter where she is!

Likes to play with her buddy Luke! (Or Lukey Lukey as she calls him)

Likes to eat cupcakes!

& Likes to ride horses! Yippee-Chi-Ay!