Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everyone Loves a Blue Eyed Girl!

Look at my little beauty Mary Clare. She is now four months old. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. She brings me so much joy, and I am so blessed to have two precious daughters. Mary Clare is completely different that Kate was as a baby. Kate didn't weigh 15 pounds until she was 6 months, and she weighed 11 lbs 7 oz when she was born. Mary Clare weighed 11 even at birth and when we weighed her at 3 1/2 months she weighed 17 1/2 pounds! She is definitely on track to doubling her birth weight! She is so easy going, hardly ever fusses, gives me the cutest gummy smiles all the time and I thank God for her daily. We had a little scare with her while I was pregnant because her left ventricle in her brain was slightly enlarged. Her head is still growing faster than it should be now so we had to take her in for a MRI almost two weeks ago. Seems as though the problem with the ventricle is still there, although it is not causing any major problems yet. Does that make sense? Actually, the radiologist told her pediatrician that both ventricles in her brain were enlarged now. We are going to Fort Worth in September to see a Pediatric Neurologist. Pray that he tells us that she just has a big noggin and doesn't need surgery!

Monday, July 28, 2008


No No No! Not Kate and Mary Clare (as of yet)! My nieces Caroline and Georgia are going to be BIG SISTERS! Check out the surprise I got at Mary Clare's baptism reception. I kind of had a hunch that something was up, and I was relieved to find out that I was right! Congratulations Carlye & Marc and Amanda& John! I can't wait to meet my new nieces &/or nephews! Love you!

Check out this Cake!

This is the cake I ordered from the Market Street bakery the day BEFORE Mary Clare's baptism. Special thanks to Stephanie Mitchell who helped me. I said I wanted a cross on the cake with some flowers and this is what she did. Just beautiful!!!! Thanks Stephanie!

Long time, No Post

Well, I can not believe that it has almost been a month since my last post. Partly because our DSL messed up when we were at the lake for July 4th and because our life has been such a whirlwind for the past month that I don't know where to begin! Looks like I left off with swimming lessons. Hmm...We went to the condo for the 4th of July and had a great time. None of us (the girls or their parents) made it to watch the fireworks. We were all too pooped!

The week
following we were getting prepared for our family and friends coming in town for Mary Clare's baptism. We were completely shocked (and still are) about the loss of one of Tim's friends Chris Brumley. Tim has know Chris since high school and is actually best friends with Chris' brother Nathan. Chris was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident just an hour and a half away from Wichita Falls. He leaves behind his wife and 2 1/2 month old son. I think why it has affected me so much is that it brought back all of the memories and anguish I had when my dad suddenly died in March 2007. What got me the most though is that he is leaving behind his newborn son. His two month old son that he was crazy about. I can't imagine Tim not being in Kate or Mary Clare's life. Just the thought of something happening to him and him not being here makes me ill. I know that God has His Master Plan set for us all the day we are born, and we must stay strong in our faith and know that He is in complete control. My faith is the only thing that has not let me down, even though I catch myself wondering why sometimes. Please pray for Chris' wife Jennifer and his son Chase. Please pray for acceptance of God's will and strength of her faith during this difficult time.

After we left his funeral that Saturday morning, we had to get ready for Mary Clare's baptism. We were so overwhelmed by the love and support we received from our family. I don't think the dinner after the Mass would have been successful if it wasn't for my two favorite sisters (in-laws) Carlye and Amanda. Thanks ladies! The picture below is our family with Mary Clare's Godparents Theresa and Chuck Berend from Fort Worth, Texas. We are really blessed to have them in our lives.

After the baptism we prepared for our 2,800 mile vacation. We drove to Omaha, Nebraska, then to Chicago and Lisle, Illinois, over to South Bend, Indiana, to Effingham, and stopped off in Fort Smith, Arkansas before our return home. We are resting up this week in preparation of our busy month in August! Vacation pictures and more pictures of the girls soon!