Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Random Forward that I am posting.......

I AM … tired - but overwhelmingly blessed
I WANT… to be a size 8.
I HAVE … the best family!
I KEEP … a lot of stuff I shouldn't.
I WISH I COULD … finish renovating the house.

I HATE … bad breath.
I FEAR … fear.
I HEAR … Kate.
I DON’T THINK …...........
I REGRET … Do we really have to go there? I have a list of my regrets!
I LOVE … hanging out with Kate & Mary Clare & Tim.
I AM NOT … going to get pregnant anytime soon.
I DANCE … with Kate to princess music
I SING … all the time in the shower. I miss my choir days!
I RARELY … want to stay home.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … any of the baby stories on TLC or Discovery!
I AM NOT ALWAYS … organized.
I HATE THAT … I can't stick to the healthy transformation of my body plan.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … why my gay-dar seemed to have faded away.
I NEED … to sort through all of the girls clothes!
I SHOULD … be more disciplined and stick with my lists. I am a list girl

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy 5 months Mary Clare!

These were probably taken almost a month ago. They are the most recent pictures I have that are actually downloaded on my computer. Needless to say that her first feeding didn't go so well. Now she loves it.!We starts veggies about a week and a half ago and by then end of the month we'll add some fruits. Bon Appetit!

Dancing Queen

I haven't been able to sleep much lately. It's all stress related. MY job situation (Offered a job - accepted - talked to boss - declined new job), Mary Clare's appointment, youngest brother moving to Georgia for a girl (not the one Russia recently invaded - Jimmy Carter's Georgia), and not to mention the business at work. But because of my lack of sleep, you would think that I would be able to go to bed since Mary Clare's appt is over right? NO. SO I am going to share a little funny story and hopefully by the end I shall be ready for slumber.

It was the Sunday night before last, and Kate was on her chair playing with her stickers on the counter and I was cleaning up after dinner. I had made a quick spaghetti dinner because
1 - I didn't want to cook because I was tired and 2 - it was a Micheal Phelps night and I couldn't miss it! So, I took off Kate's shirt before she ate in fear of her staining it. She was still topless playing with her stickers and calls out, "Mommy! Look at me!" Now usually when Kate plays with her Princess stickers, she covers her arms, legs, and face with them. Then I, in turn, tell her that "She's my little princess Kate!!!" and run over and give her a bunch of huggies and kissies. Didn't happen this way this time. I turned around and had to pick up my jaw off the floor because Kate had two star stickers on her chest - one on each nipple! And they were pink! And then she topped it off by saying - "I've got stars on my nipples!" and starts doing her "Shake your bootie" dance. What?!?!?! What two year old tells her mommy she has stars on her nipples and then starts dancing?!?! I'm thinking - Oh my! She is two! She put pasties on her nipples! Is she destined to be a pole dancer?
Just thought I would share a story of a horrified mother and an innocent, fun-loving two year old.
Lord, please guide her to a horizontal wooden ballet bar instead of a vertical metal pole. In your name I pray. Amen.

Time is flying by me again!

I can not believe it! (Little Einsteins anyone?)

It has been a month since my last post! Whew! We have had yet another busy month and September is literally right around the corner. Autumn is my favorite time of year - the fall colors, the fall clothes, Friday night lights, tailgating at Aggie games in College Station on Saturdays (when I can get down there - Tim has been going solo here these past couple of years), the leaves on the ground, pumpkins, cornucopia's, and so on. Before you know it we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So, as I am doing my best to keep up with my family and activities here, I will try to keep up on our blog.

We just got back from sweet little Mary Clare's appointment with Dr. Honeycutt at Cook's Children Hospital today. He said he think she is going to be fine, but he just wants to monitor her just to make sure. Her MRI in July showed some abnormalities, and he is a little worried about that. So we are just going to watch and pray that everything is going to be ok before we jump into anything. We go back for a follow up late October.

Mary Clare is growing so fast! She is 5 months today! They weighted her today at the hospital and she weighs over 20 pounds. My little butterball brings me so much joy! I actually just spoke to Torin Halsey tonight about having Mary CLare's five month portraits taken.
I got a really good deal with him at Christmas Magic Auction last year, and saved it for Mary Clare! I talked to another photographer/mommy friend of mine who did Kate's 1 year and our family photos in 2006 and she is going to be on board to do our family pictures again this year.

Our little cherub Kate starts 3's Pre-K at School for Little People on Wednesday, September 3. She should be starting the two's, but we talked with the director and she moved her up. We'll keep her their next year as well and then move her to a different Pre-K program for her final year in Pre-K since she will be too young to start kindergarten. She is ready though! Her hair is cut, she has her lunch box and back pack, we have the outfit (I think!) and all we have left to get is the shoes. I'll post pictures soon!

Ok so I am rambling now. Good night!