Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy 9 months to Mary Clare (Yesterday)

Mary Clare~
Even though you were crying because mommy took away the paper you were trying to swallow, I love hearing you cry. I love seeing you drool. I love watching you clap your feet. I love your peach fuzz blonde hair. I love watching you roll every where.
I love every inch of you because you bring me so much joy. Even if I never accomplish anything again in my life, you and your sister are the best things I have ever done. By far. I am forever grateful for God blessing me with you and your big sister Kate. I love you!

SSB Dance Center Christmas Recital

Here is part of Kate's dance class before their big show. Our neighbor Kateri is in her class, along with her friend from school Presley. Presley wasn't sure about me taking her picture.

Bad picture of them on stage (taken with my iPhone - camera battery was out of juice). Kate is on the far left. She loved being on stage so much that she AND Presley ran around on stage after everyone was already off!

Kate thrilled after her stunning performance.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let's rewind back to Thanksigiving in Austin

WE went to Austin for Thanksgiving. The main reason was to have Thanksgiving with my brother, sister in law, and my niece Caroline. But Tim also wanted to go to the A&M vs Texas game. Since Kate's birthday always falls right before Thanksgiving, Caroline didn't make it up for Kate's birthday party. Aunt Amanda made Pinkalicious cupcakes for Kate and we had little Bindel family birthday party with her cousin Georgia there as well. Below is a picture of Kate and Caroline about to eat a cupcake, and above is Georgia after devouring hers. Love those girls!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Family pics

Saturday afternoon. Praying for beautiful weather for family pictures. Instead it is 40 degrees with blustery winds that made it feel like it was a heck of a lot colder than that. A three year old who was sick and had to be woken up from her nap. A 7 month old who is teething and had fluids coming out of either the mouth or nose at all times. Think we would get some good pictures? Probably not. Guess again.
DeEdra is amazing. Truly amazing. This is just one of the many shots that she took that I abso-freakin-lutely love. If you haven't heard of her you need to check out her blog. If you have heard of her and haven't used her as your photographer then you should. You are missing out.
Here is her blog:

Christmas is 15 days away

and I still haven't uploaded any pictures that I took from the month of November. Here is a fun picture of Kate and Mary Clare hanging out with one of neighbors. Maybe I should have said that Kate and her friend were hanging all over MC. They love that baby!