Saturday, March 14, 2009

There is a new Bindel coming to town

Kate and Mary Clare have a new cousin. Uncle Coach and Aunt Carlye welcomed their new precious gift from God Sarah Jane Bindel on March 3,2009. The girls and I took Granda down to Grand Prairie last Saturday to visit. WE can't wait for the Bindel's to move here this summer!

I love this picture of Carlye, Sarah Jane and Georgia.

These two cousins are going to be inseparable pretty soon!

Granda has six granddaughters under the age of 3. Here she is with four of them - Georgia, Mary Clare, Kate, and Sarah Jane. Hopefull we'll get a pic of all six soon!

Lemony Lunch

A couple of weeks ago we went to lunch at Parkway. Mary Clare had never had a lemon, so I let her try it. Kate LOVED lemons and even after all of her face twisting, Mary Clare does too! Kate wanted to have more lemons so she could see her face "wrinkle up".

School for Little People Mothers Night

I can't believe Mothers Night was two weeks ago! Here are pictures of Kate and some of her friends at school. We had a great time! We made necklaces, pictures, went to music class where they sang us a song, and had story time! We love SLP!

Here is Mrs. Connel with Kate, Marisa, and Presley. Mrs. Connel has been teaching at SLP for over 13 years and we are so blessed to have her as Kate's Pre-K teacher! She does an amazing job with all the children. Kate came home the other day teaching me colors in Spanish. I hope Mary Clare has her as well.

Christopher, Parker, John and Kate are holding flowers that they are about to give to the moms. Mrs. Connel bought white carnations and asked the children to pick which color they wanted the flower for their mother to be. They then did a mini-science project where they put dye in the cup of water for each individual flower. We had a lot of blue carnations!

Parker's shirt expressed his feelings for his mom Kim at Mothers night.

Some of Kate's favorites - John & Presley!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Our friends - The Pitts family - go to IHOP almost every weekend. Occasionally we join them. Here are some pictures of our last breakfast. They have the same waitress every week, and she is so doting on the kids. Notice how the table next to our booth is empty? I would assume it's like that on purpose with all of four of the kiddos there! The kids have a great time and the meal isn't bad either!

Mary Clare scoping out Elizabeth before they tackle their pancakes.

Luke & Kate trying to pull some smooth moves to get past Sarah to go check out the cars.

Another fave - Luke and Kate like to stare out the big windows after breakfast and look at all of the cars in the parking lot. That's probably another reason why that extra table is left empty.

Luke and Kate tearing up some pancakes!

Elizabeth coming at me with pancake face! Gotta love it!