Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Tea Time!

Yes - Yes - Yes! I have been a busy mama you! Do I have pictures of Kate licking the batter bowl while we were making cupcakes for her first day of 3 Pre-K? Yes. Do I have pictures of Kate and Mary Clare in identical dresses (again!) on Kate's first official day of 3 Pre-K? Of course! What about Kate, Mary Clare & I hanging around the house with the Boatner family a couple of weeks ago? Sure! Have I uploaded them from my camera to my computer yet? Who has time for that? :) I will shortly - I think this week may not be so crazy!

I was looking on my cousin Carolyn's MySpace page and she posted some new pictures from her Fancy Tea Time Baby Shower the other day. Anna Marie (sister) and Aunt Margaret (mom) worked their tail off (what little tails they have!) to make it one of the cutest showers I have been to! There were little porcelain tea cups, tea, tea cookies, crackers, mini cheesecake bites, fancy hats and scarves, boas......I could go on and on. It sure was cute and I am so glad I went! Here are some picture of the party!

Mary Clare and Danielle (cousin Anna Marie's daughter) were born on the same day! Danielle was 6 weeks premature and has already tripled her birth weight! You go girl! WE are going to have so much fun with these two!

My Cousins Carolyn (she's pregnant but you can't even tell!) Katie & Anna Marie

Aunt Linda feeding Mary Clare, Katie, me & Kate. MY BEE-U-TEE-MOUS hat had tulle, greenery, and lillies! I have a cute picture of Kate FINALLY letting us put a hat on her. I'll post it soon!