Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bindel Mengwasser Family Reunion

This is who the Reunion was for. It was all about my beautiful grandmother Irene Elizabeth Mengwasser Bindel. This was the first one we have had in 20 years!!!! Both of grandma's brothers have passed away, but their surviving relatives, and her sisters (with the exception of Aunt Lucy) along with their children and grandchildren came to my Uncle Michael and Aunt Cyndi's house in Rhome, Texas a couple of weeks ago. Michael and Cyndi graciously opened their home to approximately 100 relatives (even to the ones from Oklahoma) and with the help from Uncle David & Aunt Linda, Aunt Margaret, and other helping hands they pulled off one heck of a party. A weekend that I will treasure and cherish for an extremely long time.
Here is a picture of me with the Lady of the Hour (or weekend) Queen Irene. She is such a beautiful Child of God, and she is extremely strong in her Catholic faith. She has never met a stranger, and she makes sure to let everyone know how much she loves them, and how much Jesus loves them. She not only inspires me to be a better person daily, but a better mother, a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, a better aunt and most importantly a better follower of Christ. It is my greatest hope that I have as much spiritual wisdom and strength in my faith as she has some day. That will be a huge feat, but even if I end up only having half of her spiritual wisdom, strength and knowledge of our faith then I will consider myself a very lucky lady. Queen Irene is a Saint in my book.
Caroline and Kate were unseperable (except for when Caroline had to go to the hotel to get cleaned up before dinner). Here they are about to take over the microphone at the Talent Show...

And here in the baby pool.....and at sack races....and chasing each other....Kate LOVES her Caroline
Kate with her third (or 4th??) cousin Isabella Mariconda

Mary Clare all smiles in the baby pool

Mary Clare has two second cousins that were born on the same day she was. They are all hours apart, and they along with their mamas hold a very special place in my heart. Here she is with one of her cousins that shares her birthday Danielle. Danielle Marie and Mary Clare are about the same heighth, but Mary Clare has got her on weight. I think I could hold Danielle up with my pinky. Or maybe I have a really strong arm from carrying around a 28 pound 15 month old!

Before I forget - Happy Birthday to my Favorite Aunt Patty! You have and always will have a special place in my heart, and I love you more than I let you know sometimes. I truly admire you because you give your all to Christ & you have put your faith in Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. Happy Birthday my dear Aunt Patty. You are an inspiration to so many....especially me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


We were lucky enough to be able to send the night with our Foley family in Haslet a few weeks ago.

A very proud big sister Hannah is holding her baby brother Sam. Sam will be one on June 30th. Happy Birthday Sam!

Hannah, Mary Clare and Sam getting some play time in.

Bindel or Foley

We hear it all the time. Kate looks like a Bindel or my "mini-me" and Mary Clare looks just like a Foley or Tim's "mini-me". I would have to say that in this picture Mary Clare looks like a Bindel.......Uncle Marc Bindel that is! (especially when he was this age!)

Kate the Baker

We had a garage sale a month ago and set up a little table for Kate to sell cinnamon rolls and cookies. She made some good cash!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kate & Presley

Had to swipe this picture from Presley's blog that her mom took of the two pretties at their Moving On Celebration....aka graduation from 3K. (thanks Keri!!) We are so glad that Presley came to SLP this year because the two girls have become such good friends. Tim and I think that her parents are pretty great too! I have more pictures of the "graduation" that I'll post later.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jump jump!

We had dinner with our great friends the Pitts' and the Gentry's a couple of weeks ago. Luke & Elizabeth Pitts got a new trampoline in their backyard, and boy was it a hit!!! Here Mary Clare and Lainey Gentry are having some "little girl" time on the trampoline before the big kids come and bounce things around. As you can see, Kate is (im)patiently waiting to jump.

I don't know what Kate & Luke were doing here. I don't think Mary Clare does either.

MC & Madeline

Madeline and Mary Clare having a good time together at Madeline's 1st birthday party. There will be pictures of these two celebrating for years to come! (Thanks for the sweet picture Beth!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Road trip!

here are the girls on our way back from a recent weekend on the road. ( we seem to have a lot of those here lately!!) Mary Clare is happy as a lark as always while her older sister
........... is clearly passed out. I think that is a pretty good sign that she had a pretty good time!

Bindel Girls

Finally a picture of Kate and Mary Clare with all of their cousins. (Thanks Aunt Amanda!!) They are all decked out in matching outfits compliments of Granda! Mary Elizabeth (five months), Caroline (four years), Mary Clare (15 months), Georgia (two years), Kate (3 1/2 years), and Sarah Jane (three months). Looking forward to more pics of these girls together over the years to come!