Friday, May 28, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Ok. I was on a roll. I was blogging at least once - if not twice a week. But then this beautiful thing called LIFE distracted me and I was not able to stay as disciplined with my blogging as I wish I had. Sowhaddyaknow? It's almost four days to be exact. MY original plan of the evening consisted of a relaxing, brainless night that included La Crema Chardonnay and the fresh off the press smut magazines. But instead, I found myself pouring over the 100+ pics I took these past few weeks. Here is a time line of pics of what the Foley Four (well actually just me and the girls since Tim has been busy pouring "mud") have been up to. Eventually when I get my other camera back I'll post pics of the trip to Young Orchards Kate, MC, Georgia and I took to go pick strawberries. I highly recommend that you make a mental note to take a drive to do that next year! But until then, I'll post pics to prove how busy we have been these past couple of weeks....while I am enjoying my La Crema. :)

Let's start it off with the FUMC Youth Spring Musical. I have never seen so many young children sing on key and not miss a beat like I did that night. They sang God's praises all night, and it was all I could do to keep from crying. So sweet, and just so precious.

Kate and one of her BFF's Presley having some laughs after the show!

Up next - SSB Spring Recital. Kate has been going to SSB Dance Center for the past two years. Ironically, I went to SSB when I was in junior high. Funny how time flies. Here is Kate with her class before their first performance of the evening.

Tap Performance: I am a sophisticated are my best friends...
Ballet performance.

The next week we went and toured Notre Dame Elementary - her new school for the summer and 4K in the Fall. She was so excited to see the statue of our Blessed Virgin Mary that she asked me to take her picture next to Jesus' mommy.
It was then off to SLP where Kate's Godmother Mrs. Sarah and Elizabeth (or as Mary Clare fondly calls her Bets Bets) came and joined us for the festivities.

Kate and her friends lining up for their graduation with the Queen Bee Ms. Erica leading the pack and their other teacher Miss Jenny.......

Mary Clare wanted to get in on the action at the Moving On Celebration Graduation too.
All in due time my dear. All in due time.

Kate receiving her diploma from Mrs. Canafax and her 4K teacher Ms. Erica.

Kate and her other BFF Kateri afer the ceremony

With her good 'ol buddy 'ol pal Parker. Kate and Parker have been at SLP since they were infants and we LOVE the Allen Family! Thank goodness we'll still get to keep up with them for a couple of more years. Parker's little brother Paxson is in Mary Clare's class!

Celebration is over, and Kate joins her cousin Georgia, MC and Bets Bets on the hill! That is a scary hill for a 2 year old!

Aunt Carlye along with cousins Georgia and Sarah Jane came for the celebration as well. Sarah Jane is thoroughly enjoying the smiley face cookies Mrs. Sarah brought!

After the celebration we headed southbound 281 to see my brother John, SIL Amanda and their precious pretties Caroline and Mary Elizabeth. Kate took this pic of her cousins at dinner Friday night. Too bad the flash didn't work!

We also went to Aunt Patty's to see GiGi! Aunt Mary B and Uncle Dave from Omaha, Nebraska were in town as well. What a treat to be able to have breakfast with all of them Saturday morning!

Aunt Mary B reading The Giving Tree to Caroline and Kate. One of my all-time favorite books! I have the copy that Grandma B had at her house when I was child. I can't even tell you how many times she read that book to her grandchildren.

Aunt Patty and Mary B having some tickle time with Mary Clare while Kate takes pictures. Whose camera was that anyways?

Me and my precious pretties with royalty Queen Irene - aka Grandma B.
Her steadfast strength in her faith and her overwhelming love for our Savior Jesus Christ inspires me daily.

One tuckered out precious pretty in her blinged out shades.
And we end the month with Kate's last day at SLP. We made some great memories, and grew close with other teachers and parents as we watched our children grow these past few years. We love each and every one of you. Each one of you have left a lasting impression on our hearts that we will never let go of.

Kate's Last Day at SLP 5.28.10

SO as summer kicks off this Memorial Day weekend, let us not get so caught up in the hoopla of of this thing called LIFE that we forget to remember why we celebrate this weekend. Please offer some thanks and prayers for those who protect our freedom daily, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice FOR our freedom. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

"....And I pray that you being rooted and established on love, may have power together with all the saints to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge; that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God......"
Ephesians 3:17-19


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I had to leave town Saturday morning to head to Horseshoe Bay, Texas for one of my best friend's from high school wedding. I had considered not going - mainly because it was going to keep me away from my precious pretties and my mom and mom-in-law for part of Mother's Day. AND we had boo-koos of stuff going on here in our neck of the hood. The TNA (Tanglewood Neighborhood Association--get your head out of the gutter!!) Annual Spring Picnic was Saturday afternoon on our empty lot next to our house, and the in-laws were hosting a crawfish boil at their house. What to do? I came to my senses and realized that I really needed to be there for Kristin - I mean - I have been praying for this day for her for a really long time, and she finally had her prince. So - my friend Lauren and I headed down south on 281 and arrived at the Horseshoe Bay Resort while Tim and the pretties stayed home for the fun and festivities here. The wedding was gorgeous and I fell in love with the resort. Great place for a weekend getaway with the family! Lauren and I had a great time picking out our future lake house/mansion(s). The lake mansions down there put some of the ones at PK to shame! Great time at the wedding and we were up bright and early Sunday morning to head home. We stopped in Hico to bring home some pies from the Koffee Kup for Mothers Day gifts (the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup pie is the best dessert I have ever put in my mouth) and we ate the Hard 8 again in Stephenville. I came home to these gifts waiting for me on the kitchen table. Tim took the girls to the store and Kate picked out her own card for me. They also went and picked roses for me, and Kate picked out the Coca~Cola bottle to be the vase. The table also had gifts from the girls that they made at school as well as a gift card to a spa. I was overwhelmed with all of the thoughtfulness they put into the gifts. Then I looked around the house and it was spotless. It was clean before I left, but Tim and the girls made it super duper clean! AND Tim detailed my car!!!!! S0 - even though I was at ends on leaving my family for Mother's Day, I came home to the best gifts ever. I am so blessed with such a sweet, thoughtful and loving husband and daughters! I hope your Mother's Day weekend was just as blessed as mine was!

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around the outside of your body. - Elizabeth Stone

Friday, May 7, 2010


I've been busy. Story of my life. I'm sure it's the story of your life as well. Sometimes I wish for more time during the day. More time to watch my beautiful girls play. More time to exercise. Organize. Prioritize. Visit with family. Write letters to old friends. Go on a date with Tim. Frame pictures. You know what I mean. Sometimes I think, "If I only had a few more hours a day." There is no doubt in my mind that those few hours would be consumed quickly by our every day life, and in a matter of time I would be asking for more time. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed, and I forget to "let go of the reins" (as a great friend put it). It's not like I have attempted to take the reins away from Him, but I admit I try to grab them and direct them in the direction I want to go. It's pretty few and far between for me to be gently reminded that I need to let go, but thank you J for reminding me to do it. I know HE is in control, and I am so glad we can openly talk about that!

Here are some Random pics of my girls in action. Please excuse the lack of quality of these pics....they were taken with my phone!

Couch time with some of our fave friends. MC and BetBet were so excited to be on the couch with their big sister/brother!

One of MC's favorite things to do is ride on her daddy's shoulders. I was trying to get the pic of her resting her chin on his head, but she saw me bust out with my iPhone to take the pic.

an early Saturday morning in the rain. I leave the girls alone for a few seconds to go put away some folded laundry, and I come back to find them outside playing in the rain.

Kate was decked out head to toe in her rain gear, and fortunately MC made it outside with a pair of rain boots on.
This is one of my all time FAVORITE things to do. Watching my precious pretties sleep. It gives me time just to slow down, collect my thoughts, and pray over them while they are sleeping.

Enjoy your weekend! We have Kate's dance recital tonight, and then it's a busy Saturday and Sunday for us! I am headed down south with Lauren for Kristin Phillips' wedding, and Tim and the girls are staying home. Not only is the Tanglewood Neighborhood Association Spring Picnic on our empty lot Saturday afternoon, Tim's family is having their 2nd Annual Mothers Day Weekend Crawfish Boil. A weekend full of funfunfun festivities indeed!