Monday, October 26, 2009

New to Us Set of Wheels

Do you remember how you felt when you got your first bike? I was so excited when I got mine, and I was so proud of it. I still remember by daddy teaching me how to ride it when he took off my training wheels - running behind pushing me - letting go - yelling at me to keep my balance and yet I still fell. He would then rush over to me, brush off the dirt, and we would start again. Just a phase in childhood that everyone can relate to.....Everyone has their own bike story.

this is the beginning of Kate's bike story. Mine didn't start when I was three, but Kate's story has! Her cousin Hannah passed down her Barbie bicycle that she had outgrown and it had been sitting in our garage for about six weeks before Kate and Tim finally went to Academy to buy some training wheels. Tim finally put the training wheels on it, and you would have thought that Tim took her to DisneyWorld. She was so excited!!! Here is Kate standing with her bike once the training wheels were on.
Two weeks ago we had some BEAUTIFUL weather, so the girls and I went outside to enjoy it. Here Mary Clare's shoe is getting put back on so she can enjoy the outdoors!

Kate likes to practice riding her bike in the driveway. She is great at pedaling, but not so great at stopping. She accidentally ran over Mary Clare about 20 seconds after I took this picture.

Kate following her daddy and sissy down the sidewalk. I know she isn't wearing her helmet, but we only let her ride to the driveway next door and back.

Mary Clare in her "new" set of wheels. Santa actually brought this for Kate her 2nd Christmas, and it has gotten lots of good use by Kate, MC, and all 0f the other friends that come over to play!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dancing Queens

Wow - today started off great. can you believe that my girls - MY GIRLS - slept in until 8:15? That is believable with Mary Clare, but now with Kate. She doesn't want to miss a thing so she wakes up when the sun does. SO after breakfast we had pajama dance party. Any of you that know my oldest daughter knows that she loves to dance... And now she loves to dance while singing to Taylor Swift. The first time Kate heard Taylor she was with her cousin Hannah - who is 7 - and Kate came home singing the the chorus of You Belong With Me. She now knows 95% of the words. Do I have a future Taylor Swift on my hands? Only God knows!

Kate singing and dancing to Taylor Swift's song Love Story, or as she refers it to as Romeo & Juliet.

Mary Clare doing her best dance imitation of her big sister.

Both of the girls rocking out.